Keen Media designs new corporate identity for Bumrungrad Hospital Relaunching as Bumrungrad International

Bangkok, Thailand – 29 March 2005 – Bumrungrad Hospital faced a challenge. The quality of its medical care was too high. Its expertise attracted 950,000 patients in 2004, over 350,000 of which were from abroad. Bumrungrad had evolved – diversified from a hospital caring for the local community to a leading global healthcare brand active in sectors across the healthcare industry.

Bumrungrad Hospital’s problem was not its standard of care; it was its name. Bumrungrad had grown into more than just a hospital, but its logo and creative identity failed to reflect the organization’s evolution.

The solution: a new creative identity. Bumrungrad International launches on
31 March, 2005 with a new logo, a new name and a new graphic identity.

Bumrungrad hired Bangkok-based creative agency, Keen Media, to develop its new brand identity. “Our team envisioned the rebranding as more of a brand elevation,” said Managing Director David Keen. “We capitalized on Bumrungrad’s strength and reputation, while reflecting its current global character and dynamic growth.”

The updated brand retains the name ‘Bumrungrad’, which means ‘caring for the community’, but adds the word ‘International’ to illustrate that the company now brings the same level of care to the global community.

To help Bumrungrad International maximize its impact on the global market, Keen Media’s digital design team adapted the new identity to multimedia, the internet and television. “As a client with a worldwide audience, Bumrungrad International allowed us to make the most of our digital expertise. In addition to print design, we created marketing tools that embrace the strong opportunity offered by global technologies,” explained David Keen.

Ruben Toral, Marketing Director at Bumrungrad International described the reason for the new identity: “Our operations have grown immensely over the past decade. Drawing on the strength of our local success, we are expanding our activities to bring our expertise to other medical centers around the region. Our new look and feel conveys this dynamic change, while still retaining the core identity for which we are so well known.”

The public will get its first glimpse of the new look through a series of ad campaigns focusing on the hospital’s premier physicians, advanced technology and its vision of “A World of Care” in every visit.


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